oh my goodness, now all the engagement parties r over, and its 8 weeks till the wedding
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, fair skin, darkest brown long (past shoulder) curly hair

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tiaanC replied to Do you like this for a wedding?

"I love it! I am getting married in 8 weeks to. So I know how she feels! congrats. This is a good one. Just make sure it matches the dress ;)"
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"oh my goodness, now all the engagement parties r over, and its 8 weeks till the wedding"
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tiaanC commented on Big hair

"Her eyes are even more beautiful "
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tiaanC commented on Jennifer Aniston Makeup

"I love tht she always looks so natural yet beautiful every time"
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tiaanC replied to Can you make me prettier?

"U are pretty hun. But my suggestion is natural make up woks best on u, with a bit of a pink lip, and I love ur hair dark. Hope tht helps :) xox"
tiaanC replied to do i look like a model in any of these pics?

"wow ur so cute lol U pose like a model ;) I love ur pic with the glasses xx Ad ur hair looks gorgeous like tht to"
tiaanC commented on wats the best makeovers i have ever done…

"I cnt vote! i cnt make a decision out of any of them!! All ur make overs are so good!!!! <3 Its impossible yo jst choose one!! love # 5,6,7 11 and…
tiaanC commented on wich is the craziest heals ?? part 2!

"Deffs #5!!!! :O And the first one with spider too!!!! No way i would wear any of those 2. The candy heels is cute tho ;)"
tiaanC commented on wich do u think is the best dress?

"love love the first one. The second one is pretty and elegant to :)"
tiaanC commented on demi lovato hairstyles wich one is the…

"I love the first one! It suits her, makes her look her age, the others make her look very young and babyish. x"
tiaanC commented on wich are the best makeover i have ever…

"I cnt vote sorry, they jst all to good!!! <3"
tiaanC commented on wich is the best makeovers?

"I cant vote! Love the first 4, hw cn u pic???? They all gorgeous <3"
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