Waiting for summer...
BEAUTY PROFILE: Green eyes, combination light skin, ash blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair

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taschntigerin commented on Snow White vs. Little Red Riding Hood

"i like the first dress. I would prefer snowwhite, but i don't like the dress :-)"
taschntigerin commented on The most unusual shoes?

"@illbeyour-warrior: #4 are moles, not rats!"
taschntigerin replied to how to manage a blog for beauty.

"Write about the products you like, why you like them. Which Products you don't like and why. Probably something like "hairstyle of…
taschntigerin 's new status :

"Waiting for summer..."
taschntigerin asked a question.

Which shape has my face?
I read everywhere about oval, round, etc. shaped faces. But which shape has my face?
taschntigerin commented on which hair color looks better!??

"I really like the first two, but I have to say that #1 looks best!"
taschntigerin commented on Would you buy a USED DRESS??

"I would make a difference between a prom dress and my wedding dress. I would buy a used prom dress, but i wouldn't buy a used wedding dress. "
taschntigerin commented on which ones do u like the most?

"i don't really like peeptoes, but #6 looks good"
taschntigerin replied to is violet blouse match with red doll…

"it very much depends on the colours. a deep violet with bright red shoes can look good, but it doesn't have to"
taschntigerin commented on tOp♥

taschntigerin commented on mmm2

"don't like the lips, but everything else is very pretty!"
taschntigerin wants your vote.

Which one looks best?
I want to get a new haircut, currently ma hair is a bit longer than shoulder length and ashblond. Which cut would you prefer and should i get a new…
taschntigerin commented on Which makeover looks best???

"i Like the second one and i think the third one would look good with a more subtle lipstick "
taschntigerin commented on Which bracelet should I get?

"I love the first one! It's uniue and goes with various outfits."
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