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sweetheart_Alba commented on Which sandals should I get?

"pewter and flower <3 just one pair...then pewter, sandal one is great but not so versatile i guess."
sweetheart_Alba replied to how can you make your hair look longer?

"If are you looking for a casual look, I love this hairdressing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-CdsxCqYB0 (the video is in Spanish but…
sweetheart_Alba replied to what do i wear with this viscose dress? :O

"HAVE A LOOK AT THESE LOVELY HIGHEEL SANDALS! I can't see the dress properly, but I guess the first ones would suit you :)…
sweetheart_Alba replied to Hey, should I wear red lipstick or red…

"Yes, bright colors are very in this summer but, I think, not on this kind of occassions...I'd rather use gloss or stain. Remember: if your…
sweetheart_Alba replied to Am i pretty

"Yes you are! If I were you I'd try to look natural and feel selfconfident... remember a natural look doesnt suit everone but just pretty…
sweetheart_Alba replied to What hair colour would suit me the most?

"Thx @RubyDenise! I love the third one!"
sweetheart_Alba replied to What shot hairstyle should I get?

"I agree with @CheonYoonA ! but I think a darker colour would suit you best... I would suggest u a brown chocolate color :)"
sweetheart_Alba replied to Is orange color in this summer?

"hi cute! in Spain it is completly in and I guess not just here! Actually its a kind of pale orange which could be easily confused with pink! but i…
sweetheart_Alba replied to What hair color would look best on me?

"How about some dark brown colour? Maybe brown chocolate would suit you and you could highlight it in a lighter colour! Remember these colours…
sweetheart_Alba asked a question.

What hair colour would suit me the most?
Hi girls! thx in advanced 4 ur advises! The thing is... I feel like changing my hair colour but i'm not sure if i should make it lighter or…
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