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BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, light skin, dark very long (mid-back) curly hair

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sunny.smile replied to Which eyeshadow???

"Golden tones, brown, earh tones, black, grey and silver : )"
sunny.smile replied to how do you remove the bags under you eyes…

"Have more sleep, if you can even if it's only for a few minutes : ) Cucumbers, milk or potators are also great : )"
sunny.smile replied to would this be good for my birthday party?

"Yes, they look really pretty :) "
sunny.smile commented on Which nail polish should I buy next?

"The 1st one, it looks really fresh : )\"
sunny.smile commented on Long dress or short dress for prom

"* can't put on a long one, because you'll be too eye-catching : )"
sunny.smile commented on Long dress or short dress for prom

"Long - just because it's that one time that you can glam up, you can waer short formal dresses ona wedding or cocktail, but you can"
sunny.smile commented on What is your favorite look?

"I'd say that the blond one is for summer and the dark one is for winter : )"
sunny.smile replied to can i do black hair with brown highlights

"You can, but they hace to be done by a proffesional hairdresser, because that combo can look stunning, but it can look really tacky : )"
sunny.smile replied to Would the red dye in my hair look good on my…

"I perspnaly don't see you as a red head, but the a colour between red, brown and blonde will look great, but the best thing to do is to try a…
sunny.smile commented on What's your favorite tv show to…

"Project runway all the way - best fashion TV show out there : )"
sunny.smile replied to I really want to get a wand. Any reviews?

"The pearl wand from Rimington is amazing - I have one : ) It can make tight curls, loose curls, natural ..... it's amazing :D "
sunny.smile replied to Should I die my hair?

"I think this colour looks great on you, but if you want a change - light brown whit redish lights will look great on yiur complection and eyes : )"
sunny.smile replied to What color is Demi Lovato's hair?

"Honey-red : ) Just died a frients hair in this colour a few weeks ago :D"
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