plese recomend a make over to do xx

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stormytink7 commented on What's your favorite fashionable…

"i like animal print (not in a chavy way) i just think theyre bold and modern"
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pick youre favourite and please say why
stormytink7 replied to Thick eyelashes

"apply flavoured lip balm to your eyelashes every night before you go to bed"
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prettiest eyecolour
pick your favourite eyecolour and say why
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pick your favourite saying
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karinne_01 has posted on stormytink7 's corner

"i add my point to your makeovers-i like all of them- happy new year !"
stormytink7 commented on hottest lip print

"thanks guys Awesome choices"
stormytink7 commented on katy perry style

"@maimouth i like the 5th one aswell especially because her hair is up unlike usual when iths got massive bangs thanks for particapating"
stormytink7 commented on katy perry style

"@cece_lam yeah she does look gorgeouse in both xx"
stormytink7 commented on katy perry style

"@boskell123 i love the 7th one especially with her pink hair AWESOME"
stormytink7 commented on coolest nail art design

"@RoryGautsche i know there so funny"
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katy perry style
vote what style you like the most and write why plz xxx
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