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ssonia1234 asked a question.

How to lose weight fast!!!!!!!
I have been overweight for about the majority of my life, its because of emotional stress and emotional eating. People always hated me and made…
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"Do whatever that makes you happy :)"
ssonia1234 replied to is shisha bad for you?

"dont make a habit out of it, its still tobacco "
ssonia1234 commented on best looking actor

ssonia1234 commented on Which Girl Do You Prefer?

"why would any1 wanna choose kylie wwwww"
ssonia1234 commented on Which Girl Do You Prefer?

"brit robertson seems like a good actress and she is pretty and natural"
ssonia1234 replied to could i model?

"sure go for it if ur confident "
ssonia1234 replied to How to tell my parents about my senior…

"to be completely frank i think 14 is far too young for you to start dating i think a more suitable age would be 16. i think you need to grow up more…
ssonia1234 replied to Better Chanel or Nars Brand ???

"compared to chanel, Nars is more affordable its still expensive but still its cheaper than chanel, it depends on the price range and luxury.…
ssonia1234 replied to What type of bras do I wear under crop tops…

"depends on how much skin u wanna show, i mean the best option would be a sports bra to start out with but u can use whatever based on your comfort…
ssonia1234 commented on Allison Munn

"I like the eye color"
ssonia1234 published a new makeover.

old to gold
Fall and fablous make up age defying and glamourous
ssonia1234 asked a question.

whats the ultimate solution to under eye
i am a young person and i have some bad under eyes and make up is ok but i want to cure not just cover them up. apart from the dark circles and lines ,…
ssonia1234 commented on Ur favorit mini white dress

"they are all too ---ty for my opinion"
ssonia1234 replied to What single color looks best with…

"i think when it comes to a rainbow id say blue "
ssonia1234 replied to which colour lipstick will suits me well…

"i wouldlike to recommend some lemon sheet mask to naturally lighten and brighten the dark spots. consider something with good coverage and…
ssonia1234 replied to do I look 14?

"yep 12-14 u look like, but i would rather look younger than older "
ssonia1234 replied to How can I look better? Younger? I'm…

"i personally think you look great for ur age. personally i would change the hair to a darker ash blond color and maybe consider losing weight…
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