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BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, normal dark to deep skin, dark extra short wavy hair

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I build products that millions of people love and enjoy!

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spmallick commented on TAAZ Makeover Tips

"Nice writeup. We have shared your article on our facebook page. "
spmallick commented on Overcoat color change :)

"@WildWitch1 Thanks"
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"Easy upload is here!"
hkec has posted on spmallick 's corner

"Thank you for creating taaz,ladies all over the world unite to encourage each other and know purpose of true beauty=)"
  1. @spmallick

    You are welcome. Thank YOU for being part of the TAAZ community.

spmallick replied to Can you use taaz on on iPad ?

"Taaz now has a mobile app that works on iPad as well. Checkout the link below…
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"Taaz Hair Try On app is now available in the Apple App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hair-try-on-by-taaz/id569640481?ls=1&mt=8"
  1. @vamp1967-2

    Wow Taaz is moving up! It's about time the mobile world got a taste of quality! You guys rock!

vamp1967 has posted on spmallick 's corner

"Pls see my article on Taaz problems http://www.taaz.com/trends/offtopic/trolling-causes-suicide-/DLzS8x3oz8_0Ue2_s6w3BC4D1vxMwT5J.html"
vamp1967-2 has posted on spmallick 's corner

"I have noticed that when I post a photo I have the right to set it with "only people with a link"! So perfect when you work on $ photos that only the owner needs to see! Thank you!"
vamp1967 has posted on spmallick 's corner

"I love the little camera on the photos that open up a Google image search! COOL!"
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"You can now import photos from your facebook account and save your makeovers directly to facebook. Enjoy!"
vamp1967 has posted on spmallick 's corner

"Satya I got to tell you the new Taaz changes are so perfect! I am doing some work on professionals and the new lashes and the big photos are going to make my work so much more wonderful looking! Thank you because I am making my way as a digital makeup artist!"
spmallick 's new status :

"Checkout the new makeover gallery. You can see before / after ( by hovering ), love and comment quickly. I think its super cool!"
  1. @vamp1967

    Wow it's like Tumblr endless scrolling! I will have to come back to my beloved Taaz it is so exciting!!! I always love your comments!

  2. @spmallick


  3. @vamp1967

    You're welcome! I have been missing Taaz so much! When I come back I will be so excited! Thank for all the hard work you guys do. Also I have been at other websites and Taaz has the best personal response to their users! I should open a Taaz blog! LOL!

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