“'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” by Alfred Lord Tennyson
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, light skin, copper long (past shoulder) hair

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I am a painter, poet, and music lover!

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spiritlore commented on akramkamil's Makeover

"I LOVE your makeover! The extra darkness around the eyes makes her a lot more mysterious and love the color choice for the lips. Even though she…
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"Life is both full of goodness and darkness; but, they both balance out the world!"
spiritlore commented on Which Angelina Jolie Makeover do you…

"Thank you for all the votes and comments everyone!!! :)"
spiritlore commented on Which Angelina Jolie Makeover do you…

"@genevieve77777 Thank you for the very sweet comments!! :)"
spiritlore commented on Dying my hair soon... will this colour…

"I think you would really nice with a medium ash brown like this picture of Mila Kunis. "
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Which Angelina Jolie Makeover do you…
Just this past summer. I have become a fan of Angelina Jolie. After I saw the movie "Maleficent"! I was like WOW! She did a AMAZING job…
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"Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my make overs"
  1. @spiritlore

    Your welcome! :)

spiritlore published a new makeover.

The beautiful Angelina Jolie
I found this beautiful pic on Pinterest of her! They have a ton of beautfiul pictures of her on there! I found this really beautiful one of her and…
spiritlore published a new makeover.

Angelina Jolie with Green hair
I found this pic on Google images. As I changed her natural makeup to a more exotic one that fits with her fun, green hair!
spiritlore published a new makeover.

Angelina Jolie (Makeover 1)
I found this image off of Google Images!
spiritlore commented on ritual

"One, I love the position of the face, two I love how it captures some of her fingers. Three both of these make overs are REALLY good! It's…
spiritlore commented on here i am

"Your make over looks a lot prettier; because yours look more natural and earthy! She's very beautiful!!! :)"
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