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BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, medium to tan skin, darkest brown medium (shoulder) very curly hair

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I am a painter, poet, and music lover! Jesus Christ is my Lord. I love the brightness of the stars and moon. Who loves Tim Burton, Harry Potter and Twilight movies. I live a tranquil life and enjoy everything that comes my way; even when life doesn't always go my way and cherish every moment of my life with God by myside.

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spiritlore commented on Which Angelina Jolie Makeover do you…

"Thank you for all the votes and comments everyone!!! :)"
spiritlore commented on Which Angelina Jolie Makeover do you…

"@genevieve77777 Thank you for the very sweet comments!! :)"
spiritlore commented on Dying my hair soon... will this colour…

"I think you would really nice with a medium ash brown like this picture of Mila Kunis. "
spiritlore wants your vote.

Which Angelina Jolie Makeover do you…
Just this past summer. I have become a fan of Angelina Jolie. After I saw the movie "Maleficent"! I was like WOW! She did a AMAZING job…
fawnfawn3 has posted on spiritlore 's corner

"Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my make overs"
  1. @spiritlore

    Your welcome! :)

spiritlore published a new makeover.

The beautiful Angelina Jolie
I found this beautiful pic on Pinterest of her! They have a ton of beautfiul pictures of her on there! I found this really beautiful one of her and…
spiritlore published a new makeover.

Angelina Jolie with Green hair
I found this pic on Google images. As I changed her natural makeup to a more exotic one that fits with her fun, green hair!
spiritlore published a new makeover.

Angelina Jolie (Makeover 1)
I found this image off of Google Images!
spiritlore commented on fantacia

"I love how your changed the eye color to green to violet!! I love the violet eyes! Along with the fact you made the eye shadow very light around…
spiritlore commented on ritual

"One, I love the position of the face, two I love how it captures some of her fingers. Three both of these make overs are REALLY good! It's…
spiritlore commented on Gold Fever

"I love both makeovers on this one! Both of the make overs capture a different type of beauty! The first make over feels more magical and your…
spiritlore commented on earth tone

"I didn't mean to comment twice on this. I thought my comment didn't go through the first time! Sorry! "
spiritlore commented on earth tone

"Your make over on her is absolutely STUNNING!!! She looks natural, bold, beautiful and mysterious and I LOVE her eyes! You did an AMAZING job…
spiritlore commented on earth tone

"WOW! This is stunning!!! The first pic is pretty but a little too plan for me! I love your make over so much more! You did an amazing job on those…
spiritlore commented on jeweld

"I think your make over is just AS beautiful as the first one but like yours a lot more; because, I love the soft, electric blue on the bottom of the…
spiritlore commented on could not change this hair

"I like your make over! I love the light plum for the cheeks and the red rose for the lips. The only thing I wouldn't have done is. The emerald…
spiritlore commented on here i am

"Your make over looks a lot prettier; because yours look more natural and earthy! She's very beautiful!!! :)"
spiritlore commented on Do you like the pic from Google or my…

"@xx_Anuka_xx Thank you!! :)"
spiritlore commented on {JAYNA DOLLY

"Your make over is VERY, VERY beautiful!! :)"
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