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"hey girl :)"
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spinner436 wants your vote.

What look is the best?
What is your favourite look?
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spinner436 commented on Which sandals should I get?

"turquoise. Its summer, so wouldnt you want to wear smmery colours! plus neons r in!"
spinner436 replied to what is a good makeover for me?

"Dont go blonde! You have a very nice colour of hair!!!! play with natural shades and pinks aswell as lavenders it will look really nice because…
spinner436 replied to What should i wear with…

"purple over sized top"
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"almost march!"
spinner436 replied to Hair ideas?

"my friend has the same hair type! My Favorite hair style for her is a bun. She puts it high on her head but not crazy high and it looks really good. I…
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