at last the rain came (:
BEAUTY PROFILE: Green eyes, light skin, ash blonde medium (shoulder) curly hair

Mini Bio:
Hi! My name is Rachel, I live in northern California. I love to dance and mess around with my hair and make up. I spend a good deal of my free time on youtube watching make up tutorials by Panacea. I am a vegetarian and I have a little yorkie dog named Ruby. Right now, my daily make up routine consists of Make-Up Forever HD foundation, Tarina Toranto blush, eye brow pencil (I think it is Sephora brand), CoverGirl Mousse Mascara, and from time to time I'll wear Lancome's coffee eye liner. (:

The Corner

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"at last the rain came (:"
spanishjuicygerl 's new status :

"waiting for the rain...it is still yet to come"
spanishjuicygerl replied to what color should i dye my hair

"definately not black... I think if you added some caramel/blonde highlights it would really compliment your skin tone. I have a similar hair…
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