Loving the weather in Cali right now!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, combination light skin, golden blonde medium (shoulder) straight hair

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A gal living in SoCal!

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"♥Happy Easter!♥"
socal_gal asked a question.

How should I wear teal denim?
Okay, so I finally caved into the colored denim trend and bought this pair of bright teal/aqua jeans. I like them, but I'm not sure what to…
socal_gal commented on Whats the best hair color on me?

"I really don't think you can go wrong with either color -- looks great on you! I voted for the lighter one just because it's…
socal_gal commented on Must-Have Spring Beauty

"I love love love spring makeup. I am excited to buy some new colors!"
socal_gal commented on UK Style by French Connection at Sears

"I like the romper and the cape! Might have to check this out. I'm a fan of FC alre ady!"
socal_gal commented on Audrina Patridge Hair and Makeup

"I've always liked Audrina's makeup. She keeps it classy and natural :)"
socal_gal replied to what tipe of hairs?

"I think a bob would be adorable on you. Something like this would be great on you..."
socal_gal commented on Which makeup pouch should I buy?

"I love the first pouch! I might have to get that one myself I need a new one!"
socal_gal replied to Does mascara damage the eyelashes?

"No, not at all. Just remember to take it off at night and you'll be fine :) "
socal_gal commented on Best hairstyle?

"I like the updo. That reddish brown color is great too!"
socal_gal commented on Which sandals should I buy?

"Tough choice! I voted for the black ones but I really think you should just buy them all. It's for the best :)"
socal_gal commented on Best make over?

"I like the brown hair!"
socal_gal replied to i would love to know my face shape. can you…

"I'm thinking oval too, which is good because your face shape will go with any hairstyle!"
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