Makeup & Fashion can make you Pretty.......But an open mind & an open Heart truly makes you Beautiful......
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, normal fair skin, golden blonde medium (shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
I enjoy being me & exploring my more feminine side.......

The Corner

smallfry349 commented on {Spider woman

"Eerily Beautful & Frightfully Feminine!"
smallfry349 commented on hkec makeover-leopard

"Amazing how beautiful & futuristic you transformed this model into....."
smallfry349 commented on hkec makeover-nymph

"Wow, she reminds me of a simple down home girl who still has that look of elegance.....Great makeover Kairyn!"
smallfry349 commented on Bright Eyes

"Beautiful Makeover......Simply Radiant!"
smallfry349 commented on Fashion Heel Trends

"I have almost that exact wedge & I Love it!......I agree with cupcake4U that blue one is super cute!"
smallfry349 replied to Whats the best self tanner?

"Listen to Faith, she knows what she's talking about!.....I took her advice & found that even using the tanning lotion at home is…
smallfry349 commented on stripes + floral trend

"They are a bit too young for my style, but that does not mean I don't think they are cute & that I love the look on these young models!"
smallfry349 commented on Sultry

"Wow, you really brought this model back to life!.......I Love it!"
smallfry349 commented on Spring 2013

"Great article & I'm ok with the trends leaning towards bermuda shorts but I still prefer a shorter short with a lighter weight…
smallfry349 commented on {sexy Lips

"Love the smoky eyeshadow & the super red lips!......Gorgeous makeover!"
smallfry349 commented on hkec makeover-mermaid

"Prettiest mermaid I ever saw!"
smallfry349 commented on hkec makeover-love the neon

"Love these neon colors Kairyn.....Awesome my talented friend!....."
smallfry349 commented on hkec makeover-pretty model

"Makeup looks terrific Kairyn & the hairstyle adds the perfect finishing touch!"
smallfry349 commented on {Emma seductive eyes

"Wow......I've never seen Emma look so seductive!......fantastic makeover!"
smallfry349 commented on Which Ginny Weasley Make Over do you…

"You definitely evened out her skin tones & I love the darker red in the hair.....Very nice!"
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