Beauty only matters on the inside not the out
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, fair skin, golden blonde long (past shoulder) wavy hair

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I love gymnastics and my favorite store in tna

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"I so love gymnastics too, ive been watching the olympics. jyordan didnt make it this year sniff sniff"
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"I love the makeup! It doesn't look like to to much so it makes you look older! But if you wear to much you look silly!"
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"Omg I've never seen any of these contacts before I really like the sparkle ones! Where do you get them!?"
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how should i get my hair cut? im not sure…
So I have blonde hair now and side bangs but I hate my bangs. My hair is a little longer then in the picture here's some ideas of my hair now.
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"Beauty only matters on the inside not the out"
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What color should I die my hair?
Should I die my hair more of a lighter blonde or a brown ? I'm going to have to choice the one I have now choice that if you want it lighter and if…
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"So my hair now means should i go lighter "
shortstack1 wants your vote.

What color should I die my hair?
Im not sure if I want to go lighter or darker I'm thinking either more blonde or brown reddish what do you think?
shortstack1 replied to Bangs...?

"If you get bangs get them straight down across your for head"
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