im getting my hair cut soon so exited xx
sorry long hair

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"im getting my hair cut soon so exited xx sorry long hair"
shannonfarr replied to Are these platform shoes too 70s retro??

"o wow those shoes are hot, disco is not the word 4 it and thick heels are way more comfortable."
shannonfarr commented on Steal My Style: Fun in the Sun

"wow love the shoes i want some <3"
shannonfarr commented on How to Work a Nautical Look

"im totally into the blue stripes this look is perfect for me"
shannonfarr commented on Olivia Munn Makeup

"this look is soo cool .its a totaly natural look ."
shannonfarr commented on Hairstyles for Summer

"omg! ur a life saver a high bun totaly dose the trick know i just have to learn how to do it my self."
shannonfarr commented on Celebrate Fourth of July with TAAZ

"wow super easy love the design"
shannonfarr asked a question.

should i cut my hair like this?
i want to cut my hair but im not sure if i should get i cut too short. i fancy a change please help me.
shannonfarr published a new article.

casual party
if your going to a casual party but want to impress a boy by looking hot then just wer high waist shorts and a baggy shirt (tucked in). wer im from…
shannonfarr commented on Should I go beach blonde?

"a natural colour is soo you but a change is cool too try to accessoris"
shannonfarr commented on What should I wear to my friends party

"the shorts are casual but hot 4 parties wiv some fake tan"
shannonfarr commented on What should I wear to my friends party

"it all depends on the type of party, the shorts "
shannonfarr 's new status :

"just turned year 9 ,used to hate them but now i see what there going threw , i feel sorry for them xxxx to all teens dont judge a book by its cover"
shannonfarr asked a question.

my hair is super long shoud i get it cut…
my hair is long and brown but i fancy a change. i want my cutting like mary alice brandon (alice from twilight) what shall i do get it done like mary…
shannonfarr 's new status :

"yolo im gettin my hair cut like a boy"
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