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"thx for loving my makeover"
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"Thank you for liking my makeover :)"
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"Thanks for loving my makeover."
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"thanks dear"
shadow_pro replied to What kind of style is best for me?

"Here's some options for you with skinny jeans! Day: Skinny jeans, big tee shirt, flats Night: Skinny jeans, nice top, heels Pic from…
shadow_pro replied to What is the perfect makeup palette?

"It depends on your style, but these are some good ones from Sephora! The first is Smashbox Shades of Fame, and the second is extremely popular.…
shadow_pro replied to does blond hair look good with dark…

"As long as they're not drastically different (black and platinum blonde). Plus it helps if your dark roots are showing a bit."
shadow_pro replied to Would I suit red hair?

"Yes I think that the red looks great on you. Be careful with red lipsticks though. You don't want your hair and lips to be competing. "
shadow_pro replied to what makeup should i use?

"Try using a foundation primer to prolong your foundation wear."
shadow_pro replied to What lipstick colour would normally…

"For something dramatic, I'd go for a bright pink or red-orange. To keep it neutral, a light brown with a clear lip gloss."
shadow_pro commented on How should i have my hair for prom?

"Omigosh the updo is beautiful! No contest :)"
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