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Hi all--I'm Brandee and relatively new to makeup (late bloomer, i know!). I love the virtual makeover and getting new looks :D

The Corner

scarletredlips commented on Hippie Makeup Looks

"I love this! Thinking of doing either this look or a faery for halloween :D"
scarletredlips commented on Lancaster Celluli Drainer Tan…

"Whoa cellulite drainer and tan prolonger all in one? they seem like two totally separate beauty treatments...but awesome nonetheless"
scarletredlips commented on Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor

"I love MF! I've used their mascara and really liked it :)"
scarletredlips commented on Anastasia All About Brows Kit

"You can try Benefit's brow palette or Urban Decay's. They're both really good and have pretty good ratings...and last…
scarletredlips commented on Eye Makeup For Thick Brows

"The bush brow look is back in? hahaha I though that died out during my mom's generation lol. But, I gotta say, some girls can pull off the…
scarletredlips commented on Natural Summer Makeup

"Ohh I love using Urban Decay's Baked Bronzer for that slight golden glow <3"
scarletredlips commented on Bright Makeup Trends

"Like the idea :). I would try to not overdo it...too many colors on the face can make one appear like a clown :0)"
scarletredlips commented on Jaclyn Smith Hairstyle

"Hahaha Chi (the brand that makes the straightener) has some amazing serums that protects the hair."
scarletredlips commented on Nikki Cox Hairstyle

"What brand of shine-enhancing serum is good?"
scarletredlips commented on Carrie Underwood Makeup

"Oh, I have one too! :) Use a liquid liner over the false lash line to make it look more seamless and natural ;o)"
scarletredlips commented on Eva Mendes Makeup

"Wow i LOVE this look! dark eyes and nude lips? i'm sold! hahaha. I think it's better to use a liquid liner instead of a pencil for this…
scarletredlips commented on Hilary Duff Makeup

"she has such stunning skin!!!!! super envious!"
scarletredlips commented on Kim Kardashian Makeup

"Is she wearing a white liner on the bottom of her eyes?????"
scarletredlips commented on Mischa Barton Makeup

"I love Mischa Barton!!!! <3 she's so prettyyyyyyyyyyy and I lurrrrve her hair!!! Is she wearing a hair clip?"
scarletredlips commented on Kristen Stewart Makeup

"Wow, thanks for those tips!!"
scarletredlips commented on Renee Zellweger Makeup

"Ya...I think I read somewhere she has really sensitive skin? And she is fair after all...so any redness is more prone to be really apparent. "
scarletredlips commented on Olivia Wilde Hairstyle

"Oh really? How do you do that?"
scarletredlips commented on Dark Nail Polish For Fair Skin

"omg i lurrrrrve wearing dark nail polishes. My all-time fav is OPI's midnight in lincoln park. looks amazing!!"
scarletredlips commented on Professional Image Makeover

"^Wow thanks for the idea!!! i'm going in for a interview and i think i'll just try that out, sounds simple enuff!"
scarletredlips commented on Wedding Day Skincare Routine

"Yeah I would agree on staying away from the sun...or at least use a strong sunscreen and make sure you're not out for a prolonged period of…
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