hi everyone ,i'm 14 year old Sarah

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"@hkec omg thanks so much xxx "
sarushja.sara wants your vote.

wich is better guys ?
leave comment about me :) xxxxxxxxxx
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"hi everyone ,i'm 14 year old Sarah"
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"try hilghiting brown hair "
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just me
hi guyz do you likee he coloud of the lipstic i guess it suits me righttt the third photo is lana del rey my fav singers of all time
sarushja.sara replied to What colors and kind of eye makeup should…

"Stry on smokey makep with black liner- you an find it on youtube ! "
sarushja.sara replied to whats gone wrong?

"i think the hair doesn;t really suits with her face ... and if you want ppl really to see it ou should do smth more impressive on eyes and lips too "
sarushja.sara replied to What's your favourite nail polish…

"Red nails + red lips = HOOOT lol i like peach too "
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"here's a photo of me ! god luck guyz xoxoxo"
sarushja.sara replied to What hair colour would suit me?

"brown hair with some blonde hilighs would suit ou justperfect "
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lana del rey
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"if you want o have an relaxing bday you should totally go massage and nice lunch but if yo urealy want to have fun the 2nd is the best i wuld…
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