Starting the day in a beautiful way…
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, oily medium to tan skin, mohagany medium (shoulder) wavy hair

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i really love make up but i don't literary wear them everyday and I am Asian British. I am getting into world of beauty and I just need advise from taz as simple as that. I love mac and l oriel but mostly I use any make any make up. i am proud of my skin and i believe everyone is gifted with beautiful feature and they should keep it nice and clean in the same time.

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"yeah you are soo pretty just remember haters are big losers and seriously they have no life at all "
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"oh yeah this is my real skin tone "
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what tone of foundation match my skin…
basically i don't put on foundation everyday but i need foundation for any parties going on and i am finding hard to look for the right type…
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"Starting the day in a beautiful way…"
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how can i look good in school?
in school so many people are calling me ugly and I kind of feel feel left out because so many girls are prettier then me
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