It's More FUN in the Philippines ^v^
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, combination light skin, darkest brown extra short wavy hair

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I'm a type of person which prioritize skincare first before cosmetics. Having a good skin is much better than the skin under a multiple cosmetics. I know simple skincare and make up tips but im not an expert. I always give advice to the people because i want that all people will become beautiful and confident!

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"@Depressed-Girl Thank you =)"
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Look And Feel Younger
Many of us are looking for ways to stay young and although you can't stop the clock, you can fight the signs of aging and the aging process…
royalblooded replied to what can i do to make my face look thinnner

"contour the side of your face using bronzer to make it slimmer =)"
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"at first,when i had an acne, i thought that it was caused by bacteria, but beyond that, there is another cause why pimples is appearing, that is…
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Listen To What Your Acne Is Telling You !
An old Chinese diagnosis was using face mapping to tell you what is wrong with you and old Chinese doctors could simply look at your face and tell…
royalblooded replied to Should I die my hair bleach blonde?

"maybe an ash blond or mahogany brown..it will suits to your skintone and give more definition to your face as well..remember - change in hair…
royalblooded replied to What tops/cardies will go with these…

"a any plain top is the best partner of a busy patterned jeans.. just mix N match wid it =)"
royalblooded replied to I have pimples, but always on forehead…

"aww ^^ thank you for all the replies..i really appreciate it "
royalblooded replied to should i pluck my eyebrows????

"your eyebrows are in good shape,there is no need to pluck,,just define it using eyebrow makeup so it will stand out more =)"
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I have pimples, but always on forehead…
i did a lot of solution even applying salicyc acid cream and making sure that i exfoliate and moisturize. my hair is always brush up and i always…
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Anti-Aging Makeup Tips From The Pros
By Marie Calica for Yahoo! Southeast Asia We all know that celebrities and models that come out in magazines have a huge team of experts to make…
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"It's More FUN in the Philippines ^v^"
royalblooded replied to MY MOM WON'T LET ME WEAR MAKE UP!!!!…

"you can try tinted moisturizer & tinted lip balm. when your mother noticed it, just tell that IT'S NOT MAKE-UP MOM, ITS THE…
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Secret to a stunning photo - SMIZE (smile…
Smizing is considered to be a look that involves smiling not only with your mouth but through using your eyes – smiling with the eyes…
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"Happy Wednesday Everyone \(^v^)/"
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