beauty fashion and me!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, normal light skin, reddish brown short wavy hair

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rachelstar123 replied to debating on if i should get bangs or not…

"Yes, I think a side swept bang would look great....blend it into the sides and take your length up just a bit "
rachelstar123 replied to what should i do with my hair

"get this fringe for yourself with deep step cut or layers! you ll look pretty awesome! <3"
rachelstar123 published a new makeover.

the makeover 1
you compare the original picture and this one and u will be astonished to see the elegance in this makeover!
rachelstar123 's new status :

"beauty fashion and me!"
rachelstar123 replied to What would be a nice hair color for me?

"i think its(your hair) is best the way it is! its cool! don't change your haircolor!"
rachelstar123 replied to what should i do for my hair for prom ??

"i love your dress! anyways for the hair you should try a loose updo or a loose side plait.. its awesome! but mostly a loose updo will suit! have a…
rachelstar123 replied to What the best haircut for me ?

"i think short side swept fringes with deep step cut from the back and layers in the front! good luck!:D"
rachelstar123 replied to Curly Vs Straight hair???

"im team CURLZ too!!! they are the best! so no thinking and go curling! lol! anyways my choice for you curly! i hope i helped! good luck!:D"
rachelstar123 replied to What kind of makeup is best for me?

"you should stay the way you are but some makeup is obvious .. so put on some foundation matching your skin tone and wear kohl or kajal or whatever…
rachelstar123 replied to What is Your Favorite Lip Balm?

"i like Vaselines lip balm.. they're awesome!"
rachelstar123 replied to I'm thinking of changing my hair…

"i think auburn or something but to choose between the two options you gave.. i think brown as it rocks always! good luck!:D"
rachelstar123 replied to What kind of makeover would you choose…

"um... for a new look you should get a short haircut that's really nice for summer, then create your new wardrobe from the old one.. like add…
rachelstar123 replied to What are some good hair styles for my…

"cut your hair short and make them wavy naturally by sleeping with braids all night! wake up and see the new you! i hope i helped! good luck! :D"
rachelstar123 replied to Teenager Spots :(

"use some good concessionary and ur done!"
rachelstar123 replied to how can you make your makeup look…

"wash your face and apply moisturizer.. then concealer then a nice foundation.. depends on liquid or powder.. after that some blush of your…
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