Starting the day in a beautiful way…

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"Totes amaze balls! :D X"
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"Starting the day in a beautiful way…"
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How do you change hair colour using Taaz…
Is there anyway using the Taaz hair colour changer to more alternative hair colours? Thanks
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"How did you dye some of the hair blue using taaz? I want to be able to virtually test my hair colour all colours of the rainbow, but taaz only lets…
purplepennydreadful asked a question.

Does anybody know how to make jeans…
Basically, my fave pair of black skinnies dye my legs back, and my hands and sometimes light coloured things I sit on! I have washed them several…
purplepennydreadful replied to how do i get my natural hair color back?

"(thought it does say on the site not to use it if you use straightening/curling irons that go above 200 degrees...)"
purplepennydreadful replied to how do i get my natural hair color back?

"You can buy Colour strippers - I think the one that I've seen most highly recommended is Scott Cornwall Hair Colour Remover... hope that…
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