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pretty_gurl_rock asked a question.

new color? new style?
what color would look good on me And or what style
pretty_gurl_rock commented on Back to BLACK!!!

"@RoryGautsche I do love it but i am tierd of dying my hair so i dyed it back to black (my natural color)"
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"@Depressed-Girl Thank you XD"
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Back to BLACK!!!
I had highlights and brown hair for 2 years and blonde inthe back but i am nautraly black... I am scared its to harsh now though... :\ what…
pretty_gurl_rock replied to What do you think, which hairstyle suits…

"Black with waves and volume still long maybe some layers"
pretty_gurl_rock asked a question.

I have glasses and I want contats
I have very dark eyes and I want to get green, or blue contacts. Would they work on my eyes? and what brand would be the best? I have to get hard ones…
pretty_gurl_rock replied to So as my picture I am blonde does it look…

"Okay so it's not really blackbut dark brown and my eyes are brown too.."
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