dont dull !! x x x x
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pourtoujour 's new status :

"dont dull !! x x x x"
pourtoujour 's new status :

"don't dull !! x x x x"
pourtoujour asked a question.

what can i choose for my different hair…
my hair is long and dark purple nd its always da same wat can be different?
pourtoujour commented on Celebrate Labor Day with TAAZ

"kwll dis is smexii :b"
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"everybodys different and has some kind of problem and nobodyz perfect <3"
  1. @justyas3

    NoBodyz Perfect .. No No No xx hah cool jessie j x

pourtoujour replied to How can I make my legs look longer ?

"well i think u shud werr shorts and high tops u"d look smexxi nd tall! <3"
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"Starting the day in a beautiful way…"
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