died my hair red...hated it...went back blonde
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I love to make changes and play around with different looks. i want to try some more drastic things than ive ever done so this website is great and perfect for me its exactly what i need i love it!!!

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"HEY beautiful!"
pianocrazy commented on Which hair colour suits me best?

"i like out of these number four but the one i like absolutely best is how it is in your profile pic"
pianocrazy replied to Hey guys! Make me over and I wanna see who…

"dang it lol wrong one hold on...SORRY lol"
pianocrazy replied to Hey guys! Make me over and I wanna see who…

"oops that didnt work.....here u go"
pianocrazy replied to Hey guys! Make me over and I wanna see who…

pianocrazy replied to What is the best mascara brand out there?

"the mascara i use and absolutely LOVE is SCANDALEYES it is absolutely amaaazzziinnnggg i use the absolute black one,does the job great"
pianocrazy replied to Would I Look Better With Braids Or Dreads…

"you would even look good if you cut it all off or even just had a little bit of hair very short... but if u want a pick between braids or dreads i say…
pianocrazy replied to So as my picture I am blonde does it look…

"wow yea i thought the blonde WAS your natural color it suites you so well i love it!!! i cant picture you with black hair "
pianocrazy commented on what colour shall i go?

"wow i like black hair on you, i wish i could pull off black hair i think its so cool and mysterious and just awesome :) "
pianocrazy replied to What hair cut and color would look good on…

"i dont think you should cut it, your hair is so pretty the way you have it now i wish my hair was like yours :)...i regret cutting mine and itll suck…
pianocrazy replied to Think I should buy a wig like this to mess…

"lmao i must say thats pretty halarious i like the sense of humor haha yea i wouldnt recoment using a paint roller to put on make up lol but the wig…
pianocrazy commented on What shorts are the best for summer?

"i like number 2!!! they look very comfortable and they are very stylish at the same time, very cute for summer most definitely :)"
pianocrazy replied to could you give me any tips on my hair?

"well what your doing with the no heat thing is really good, keep doing that and you could even put conditioner in your hair and keep it in while u…
pianocrazy commented on How should i have my hair for prom?

"i always like the hair down look but i vote up because i had my hair down for prom and oh my gosh i wish i had a hairtie because it was just making me…
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back to blonde after that coloring disaster
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