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philippa12345 commented on Thinking about dying my hair blonde ...…

"definitily blonde, suits you way better!"
philippa12345 commented on Which pair of shorts would you choose?

"I like the floral ones the best but I also think that the splatter paint ones are pretty :) but not that last ones!"
philippa12345 replied to what type of hair colour should i dye it

"hmm maybe red but i think you would suit blonde ! "
philippa12345 replied to Hair color on cool skin tone with green…

"id say not black for you, more dark brown "
philippa12345 replied to How to look like a tumblr girl?

"like what do you mean, in what way do you want to look like her?"
philippa12345 asked a question.

How can I stop my mascara smudging?
I dont know why but my mascara always smudges really quickly and before I know it its all found my eyes, anyone got any advice for this?
philippa12345 asked a question.

Good and bad things about getting my…
I am undecided whether I should get my belly button peirced, anyone have any reasons for why I should get it doen or why not?
philippa12345 replied to How can i keep my hair straight all day?

"thanks for the answers! but most of your products are american and im in england, if anyone knows any products that are from england please…
philippa12345 replied to Are these shorts appropriate for work?

"I think they would be fine for work if worn with tights. "
philippa12345 asked a question.

How can i keep my hair straight all day?
I straighten my hair everyday because it it really curly and firzzy. But it doesnt take long for it to get firzzy again! How can i keep my hair…
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