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BEAUTY PROFILE: Hazel eyes, combination light skin, darkest brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
I'm a senior in college who absolutely loves doing makeup and anything beauty-related!

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"♥Happy Easter!♥"
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How to Set Foundation Using Loose Powder…
My friend recently got me to start using loose powder to set my foundation. I had never used loose powder makeup before so I wasn't even sure…
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Which eye shadow kit do you like?
I really need a new eye shadow kit. Which one of these should I get? I want something that will give me a bunch of different spring/summer looks.
passionforbeauty commented on Made myself over....kinda FUN!

"I love how you kept this makeover simple. It's still so pretty!"
passionforbeauty commented on ;)

"This is a really cute makeover. Good job!"
passionforbeauty commented on Amy7

"This hair looks soooo cute!"
passionforbeauty commented on :)

"cool makeover!"
passionforbeauty commented on ashhhh

"Love the eye makeup!"
passionforbeauty commented on favorite style

"Wow this hairstyle is amazing on you!"
passionforbeauty replied to how can i get my boobs smaller!

"Wear a sports bra and if you're still uncomfortable with the size, avoid wearing low-cut tops. "
passionforbeauty replied to I have small red pimples on my chest . When…

"Try some sort of body acne wash in the shower. They sell a bunch of different brands at Target. "
passionforbeauty replied to what is the best way to dye dark brown…

"Definitely go to a salon. If it's a pretty big change from dark to caramel, let an expert handle it. :) "
passionforbeauty commented on which nail art design is gorgeous?

"The last design is super cute!"
passionforbeauty commented on Should I die my hair brown?

"Yes! I love that brown color on you!"
passionforbeauty commented on Which bracelet should I get?

"I like the uniqueness of the first pick."
passionforbeauty commented on Which color is best?

"I like the red color. It's so pretty!!"
passionforbeauty commented on What kind of hair color and hair cut is…

"I like your original natural style best. I love your shirt too by the way! :)"
passionforbeauty commented on the best choice for summer

"I'd wear the 3rd or 4th one. They're really nice!"
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