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mskellee asked a question.

A problem from using skin lightner
I used a skin lightner with hydroquinone. Instead of making my dark spots lighter, they turned them a grayish color. I went to my Dr. and she…
mskellee asked a question.

Another Co. has reformulated Cetaphil
I heard another company has reformulated Cetaphil to make it even better. Does anyone know the name of the product or Company?
mskellee asked a question.

Alternative to retinols
I have heard that retinols are one of the best ingredients for anti-aging. I have found that when I use them, my skin becomes irritated and…
mskellee replied to Advice on how to deal with neighbor

"Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately, we both have small dogs that need to be walked several times a day, and I run into her all the time."
mskellee asked a question.

Advice on how to deal with neighbor
I am a teenager, and there is a woman who lives a few doors down. She is probably about late 20's. I am like 5-10 pounds overweight and she is a…
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