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BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, oily light skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

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mpclavet published a new makeover.

mpclavet published a new makeover.

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maybeline lip stain reviews?
i read the article on lip stain and i was wondering if anyone can tell me if it really works and if it is worth it? i was thinking of buying it so it…
mpclavet replied to How Does This Look ??

"looks very good! maybe a little less bangs but its really pretty!:)"
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"hi welcome to taaz. hope we can be friends. check out my profile and my makeovers."
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mpclavet asked a question.

How to get rid of oily skin?
I have oily skin and ive tried lots of different products to try to get rid of it, but none seem to work, any suggestions?
mpclavet replied to What color should i dye my hair?

"I think you should so darker! like dark brown and other dark shades would look good on you!"
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