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moosypup replied to How do I know what type of face shape I…

"take a pic of ur face and compare to shapes and u can often just tell from the look"
moosypup replied to How to make your eyelashes grow longer…

"go to the chemist some chemists sell special hair growth gels that make them grow longer or u can use false eyelashes"
moosypup replied to how can i get rid of spots??

"use a different face scrub and try organic face scrub and after you use it always use moisteriser that always works"
moosypup replied to What color of nail polish should I buy…

"nay dark pinks or if you want to stand out bright blur or pink "
moosypup asked a question.

should i colour my hair a what colour
i want to change my hair colour
moosypup replied to How can I get hair to look exciting every…

"if your hair is in a ponytail try a bun or plait if it is down try like a plait on the side for a cool look or long and wavy."
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my hair is mid length and dark brown what…
for the worlds greatest shave I always colour my hair last year it was purple what about this year either blue or purple or pink.
moosypup replied to Blonde to brunette?

"go dark brown great colour"
moosypup replied to i have really curly hair is there…

"you have to try using a straitener and then putting in moose or hairspay i try it all the time."
moosypup replied to Nail Strengthener

"try to wear nail polish most of the time. try oil based clear nail polish."
moosypup replied to What haircolor would be better for me?

"you should have light brown hair or a dark blonde stick with your natural colour."
moosypup asked a question.

What should i do if I have a few pimples…
I have a few pimples on my nose and they are really hard to get rid of.
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