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monny996 commented on 1 Pic, 2 Makeovers: Choose Your Favorite…

"i voted #2 because it's so cutee :D"
monny996 replied to What haircolor would be better for me?

"It would be easier to say if you gave us lenght of your hair and colour of your eyes. Because, like this, we can't tell you nothing. :/"
monny996 replied to what if it was an oober hot day any u…

"When the weather is really hot,than it's the best to put very little makeup. "
monny996 commented on my hair is mid length and dark brown what…

"Why do U even like hair colours like that?"
monny996 commented on demi lovato hairstyle wich do u choose?…

"the last one is the most natural one. :D"
monny996 commented on 1 Pic, 3 Makeovers : Choose Your Favorite…

"the first one,because it looks nice,cute and simple. :)"
monny996 commented on makeover 1

"Very beautiful! :)"
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