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"what to be, what to be"
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"Thanks BrianaEHernandez! I was looking back at by old pics and I loved your advice on all of them. Thanks! I might cut it shorter :p"
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"You want bring out the eyes, not outshine them with glitter :). The first once is great. The voters agree. "
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Does Hairstyle Suit Me?
Do you think my hairstyle suits my- well- face? I've always had it short and then grew it out to my shoulders for once. Recently though, I cut…
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Just a Little More ;)
Just put on some eyeshadow and liner.
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"I think you should wear a short blue dress to give your body shape. A blue dress that brings out the color of your eyes will make you standout.…
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Short Hair Styles?
I have short black hair that sits on my shoulders. What are some ways I could style my hair so that I could have different options? I usually go to…
monii13cobian asked a question.

Colored Hair Extensions?
Are colored hair extensions a good way to go? I always thought it would be cool to have a fun colored streak in my hair, but of course my parents…
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How to look nice?
I'm only a teen and i would like to dress up a little more. Im not really into a lot of makeup but lip gloss is ok. But how can i look nicer or…
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Minnie Mouse
me + minnie mouse <3
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