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"Live you life to the fullest"
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monick0126 replied to What kind of blush should I get?

"..try NARS, they have such beautiful shades. I really love it. Shu Uemura is great too as well as tarte cheek stains"
monick0126 replied to What hair color would look good on me?

"why dont you try the natural black it will make you look younger"
monick0126 replied to what's the color that make us look…

"color pink looks cute and girly as well"
monick0126 replied to How can i keep my skin healthy without…

"yha,@Shannon4883 is right,,wear moisturizer daily, to make your skin smooth and soft.."
monick0126 replied to my hairs r wavy and get tangled

"try a hair treatment at the salon.."
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