My, my everyone looks so beautiful! :)
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, combination medium to tan skin, darkest brown medium (shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
Busy mommy of two young ones. Skincare is primarily the area of my concern, but I can always learn more about makeup!

The Corner

fawnfawn3 has posted on momma_of_two 's corner

"thanks for the luv of my makeover dear"
bibi-906090 has posted on momma_of_two 's corner

LydiaLadouce has posted on momma_of_two 's corner

"Thanks for loving my makeup! Kiss"
achim4747 has posted on momma_of_two 's corner

momma_of_two commented on Amor Hilton

"It reminds of me of rainbow sherbet! In a good way! :)"
momma_of_two commented on blond

"Looks gorgeous on you! :)"
momma_of_two commented on Bella Swan Bridal Makeup in Breaking…

"She looked very sweet and innocent which was a nice change. :)"
momma_of_two commented on Celebrity Style Spotlight: Jessica…

"She has really great style. I wish I was that stylish of a momma! "
momma_of_two replied to How do I make my hair grow 5 inches in 2…

"That's a lot of hair! I don't think you could get five inches in that amount of time. If you are wanting it that long for a reason in the…
momma_of_two replied to Should I cut my hair short???

"Yes, but I'd keep it layered a bit and if it's very thick, I wouldn't go too short, because it might end up looking a bit puffy. "
momma_of_two commented on Steal My Style: Fun in the Sun

"I really like the shoes. You always have great ideas for outfits. :)"
momma_of_two commented on Leighton Meester Makeup and Hair

"I definitely love her look. :) I can see this going into fall as well."
momma_of_two replied to what look great on green eyes

"I would try bronzes or golds. "
momma_of_two commented on lighter

"I like the makeup but the hair is a little bit light for her face. Still a cool makeover. :)"
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