If pain is beauty, why does beauty soothe the the eyes?
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, combination light skin, golden blonde very long (mid-back) straight hair

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misssnow commented on Brown vs Blonde hair

"I like the brown"
misssnow commented on Which Cindy Crawford looks better?

"Please if you like my art, follow my profile guys. :D"
misssnow commented on Which Cindy Crawford looks better?

"#2 is the original photo"
misssnow commented on What Look's Best?

"Those nude heels are really in-style right now. They look gorgeous with that dress. :)"
misssnow commented on Which Lipstick Color?!

"I like the Reddish-Peach. It reminds me of those classic 50's girls."
misssnow commented on Lucy Hale: Before or After?

"I like the hair color on the after, but thew makeup on the before. Maybe try a higher quality picture?"
misssnow wants your vote.

Which Cindy Crawford looks better?
She's the original glamour diva, so which one of her looks the best?
misssnow commented on Which dress is better?

"I like the colors in #1 way more. They blend together really nicely :)\"
misssnow published a new makeover.

Cindy Crawford 1
In this makeover, I tried to bring out her eyes by adding a small amount of a plum-colored eyeshadow around the top and bottom of her eyes. With…
misssnow commented on Which Jennifer Aniston looks better?

"Do you like the nude lipstick on her?"
misssnow commented on which of my all time makeover is the best!

"It's tough, they're all so good!"
misssnow started following zahra234
misssnow commented on Which is the BEST?

"Definetly the last one"
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