i have a kink in my neck and i dont know how to get it out. .. ouch
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, combination medium to tan skin, reddish brown medium (shoulder) wavy hair

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well i really like to change the way i look, because i hate to look the same every day.<3

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misskaylen1 commented on nicki minaj makeup

"she just need the haircut like me to be like nicki minaj :)"
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"i have a kink in my neck and i dont know how to get it out. .. ouch"
misskaylen1 asked a question.

i got a new hair cut.
with my new hair cut people think it looks great like nicki minaj in a way but to others i look stupid. i not to sure if i like it now. whats your…
misskaylen1 replied to What are some makeup tricks to make eyes…

"to make your eyes look bigger use brighter colours :) that should work but using bright colous will take the attention away from your nos."
misskaylen1 asked a question.

whats a sutible hair cut?
well i never seem to get my haircut quiet right and i really want to know what woud suit me..
misskaylen1 published a new makeover.

i never thought i could actually look good :)
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