Totally amazed by the power of make up...*.*
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, normal medium to tan skin, auburn long (past shoulder) straight hair

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"thanks so much for your nice words- a friend answerede im my place-sorry-i wish to be friends-kiss you"
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"Totally amazed by the power of make up...*.*"
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Natural beauty ^^
I do NOT own this picture. I added contacts,corrector,blush,powder and lipstick. :)
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"Thank you all! :) Now it's all between third and last one.^^ I'm gonna buy the last one,and I already bought the black one so I will…
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My first makeover ^^
This is my first makeover.I do NOT own the picture. Please comment it.Say what are strengths and what are weaknesses.Thank you ^^
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"Girl you have like the same style as me.Perfect!Wish you luck in collecting charms and followers...:*"
  1. @mirnaradic

    Thank you so much Maya. :)
    I wish you luck too! :*

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"Well,it's quite rare to pull of a non-scool-ish style with knee-high socks.Here is my advice: P.S.Sorry that it's a little…
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