to my dearest mom, happy birthday ! I'm glad you're my mom and I'm your children. Stay healthy mom, ILY SO DAMN MUCH !!!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, normal fair skin, golden brown medium (shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
Hi,Im a 17 years old girl who loves eating and sleeping. Im a good student. And talking about my life, I'd rather surfing internet in front of my computer than hang out with ma best friends. No joking. But Im a friendly person. Okay, just follow me. I do a makeover for korean female artist/singer. Nice too meet you.

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"i choose foundation i just love it so damn much !"
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"since I met you I have been so happy except that I find."
minnyyy 's new status :

"since I met you I have been so happy except that I find. Myself worrying all the time. worrying that I might disappoint you, worrying that our relationship might end, worrying that something might happen to you. I have fallen in love with you, and I guess I worry so much. Because I care about you so much.."
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goo hara
very simple. i cant do much with the eyes because her finger -________-
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What do you think of my new haircut?
new year, new haircut. Did you remember i've asked you how about i change my hair into curly and blonde.i really did it!! well, its not…
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