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BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, combination light skin, ash brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair

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millietait commented on I need your help! Which color looks best…

"i think you look goof in all of them!!"
millietait replied to does this fringe suit me??

"love that cut and colour! i think you rock the side bangs the best though :)"
millietait replied to is this hair colour to harsh for my skin…

"no not at all! chocolate hair, porcelain skin and blue jewel eyes: beautiful combination! a la zooey deschanel"
millietait replied to What face shape am I?

"thankyou for all your answers and kind words! oval and heart shaped seemed to be the common answer. i dont think oval is right because ive…
Aelspet23 has posted on millietait 's corner

"I love your profile pic! You are so pretty! Wish I looked like you! :)"
millietait replied to should I cut my hair?

"your hair is beautiful!"
millietait asked a question.

What face shape am I?
I want to use my face shape to pick the most flattering hairstyle but cant decide what face shape I am! Round, square, heart, diamond?
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