Love hurts when you do it right- John Legend

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merkim replied to Are these shorts appropriate for work?

"Nope...Unless it's a really casual Friday!"
merkim commented on blonde!!

"You look like Britney from Glee in the after picture :)"
merkim replied to I want a new look

"The redid color and that hairstyle would look great on you :)"
merkim replied to What hair colour would best suit me?

"Hmm...maybe a nice brown...also you may want to consider changing the shape of your eye-brows. You're pretty but it could really…
merkim commented on laura

merkim commented on 2

"Wow...ur pretty!"
merkim commented on red, brunette, or blonde streak?

"Red for sure. It suits you amazingly well :)"
merkim replied to Makeup tips for eyes that have this fold

"Michelle Phan :) on Youtube :)"
merkim commented on I wanne cut my hair, but i don't know…

"Your hair looks great as is imo :)"
merkim commented on missvida86's Makeover

"I looovee this!"
merkim commented on Which make-over do you like best?

"Lol Spring is kinda non-existent in the Caribbean (St.Lucia). It's kind of Summer mostly all year but thanks for the input girlie :)"
merkim commented on TAAZ Trendsetter: Bold Color Accents

"I love this...very chic!"
merkim commented on What is the best hair and eyebrow…

"I voted for the first...ur eyes are amazing btw :)"
merkim 's new status :

"Love hurts when you do it right- John Legend Hmmm..."
merkim commented on What looks better?

"Is that Michelle Phan?"
merkim commented on Darker!

"You look a little like Nina Dobrev in the after picture :)"
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