hey just signed up.............. excited :)
BEAUTY PROFILE: Light skin, auburn wavy hair

Mini Bio:
I'm a student with a passion for fashion. I love everything Bright fun and colourful. Make-overs are my thing I am always trying different different look from dark, bright to nude to sparkle to matt everything!! So feel free to look at my make-overs that I have recreated.

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"what do ya think"
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This is a beautiful girly look with a little bit of shimmer in the eyeshadow. Get everyones attention with these beautiful lower lashes with…
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"I think that a nude lip would be nice because you don't want to take the attention away from your dramatic eyes. a brighter lip would just be…
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Princess Eyelashes
This is a beautiful make-over perfect for a girly party. It is complete with long lashes and a nude lip, winged black eyeliner and a nuetural eye…
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"hey just signed up.............. excited :)"
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