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meganhoranx published a new makeover.

miley cyrus.
idk how old this picture of miley cyrus is but i just made her look 100x better;-)
meganhoranx published a new makeover.

day out.
a little bit of eyeliner and mascara is nice to go out in, not to much and not to little,
meganhoranx asked a question.

how do you get rid of dandruff?
basically i dye my hair with wash in wash out hair dye, and i think i have a allergic reaction to them and its making dandruff in my hair and loads of…
meganhoranx replied to Ever sinnce i have short hair my hair has…

"when your hair is shorted it gets greasier because it has less room for the greas to spred out in;-)"
meganhoranx replied to Hairstyles for round faces?

"i think, girls with round faces should have hair legneth about up to their armpit legnth but get your hair graduated around your face:-)"
meganhoranx published a new makeover.

girly makover.
i love this mascara&eyeliner look. really makes blue or green eyes stand out;)
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"1D lover. forever&always<3"
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miley cyrus.
day out.
girly makover.


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miley cyrus.
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