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mariathomas commented on Side or missle partening?

"Side or middle* partening? (my bad) x"
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Side or missle partening?
At the moment i have a side partening but i feel like a change, and i also would like to look a bit older so which one is best?
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Will using blonde hair dye at home work to…
I used to have dark brown hair, and then i got a full head of highlighted, so now i am a mousey blonde colour with highlights of course. However i…
mariathomas asked a question.

Should i dye my hair blonde?
Need a change and thinking of changing my hair colour.. would blonde suit me? x
mariathomas commented on Go blonde? Or stay with brown?

"Thankyouu everyone :) I think i am going to get some blonde/brown extensions and see what they look like first! Also for the record i am NOT…
mariathomas commented on Go blonde? Or stay with brown?

"Okayy thanks :) i'll think about it, need a chanmge tbh! Extensions sound good, cos could take them out if don't like them. Know where…
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Go blonde? Or stay with brown?
Had brown hair forever and in need of a change. I have always wanted to dye my hair blonde, but can't decide whether it would suit me or not.
mariathomas asked a question.

Would blonde hair suit me?
Had dark brown hair, pretty much all my life! And atm in need of a change - blonde! But i am scared it won't suit me, what do you think?
mariathomas asked a question.

What's the best way to dye dark brown…
I have long, dark brown hair and have always wanted to try my hair blonde. I have tried blonde hairstyles on this makeover website but cant…
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