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BEAUTY PROFILE: Hazel eyes, normal light skin, reddish brown long (past shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
A Berkeley resident who loves face masks, DIY, and natural beauty products :)

The Corner

Barb120709 has posted on makeupforever_85 's corner

"thank you Anna"
josemartin1 has posted on makeupforever_85 's corner

"me gustas eres bastante guapa"
pinto9 has posted on makeupforever_85 's corner

"thanks anna ;)"
aline1000 has posted on makeupforever_85 's corner

"Oi, tdo bem?"
tivanenko79 has posted on makeupforever_85 's corner

"hello Star:)"
makeupforever_85 replied to Any recommendations for coral…

"Go to a MAC cosmetics counter and ask the salesperson to try one out one you...they have a huge range/selection to choose from!"
makeupforever_85 commented on Which Outfit For The Summer?

"I really like the third to last one!"
makeupforever_85 replied to What kind of foundation is good for oily…

"I use mineral foundation...works pretty well for me, especially on my t-zone areas!"
makeupforever_85 replied to Should I get layers?

"Definitely...it would look great and add more body to your hair!"
makeupforever_85 commented on Pink flower

"love the victorian look"
makeupforever_85 commented on Blue eyes

"really like the teal!!!"
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