Stay beautiful & keep it ugly<3

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blacrk hairk and white, blue eyes, dark hair
lovepink13 published a new makeover.

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"Stay beautiful & keep it ugly<3"
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"i hate school...thank you summer:P"
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"I loove shoes!"
lovepink13 replied to WHat color hair is est for light blue eyes…

"Thank you guys for the answers, i finally did dye my hair...blond! "
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"Set the world on FIYA! ;)"
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"Still laughing;P I literally just can' t stop LOL"
lovepink13 's new status :

"Still laughing;P"
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"The first one is dramatic and awesome, and the colors are soo cool"
lovepink13 asked a question.

What is a warm or cool undertone of a color…
I always hear about cool tones are more flattering or a warm lipstick, WHAT is it and how can you tell??
lovepink13 published a new makeover.

Dark hair
Everything else natural or---wi normally wear it, with dark hair...i like but i m thinking of going blond instead
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