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BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, light skin, strawberry blonde bob wavy hair

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I'm an avid hair dye addict that changes her look at least once a month. Lets be friends.

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lizzidynamite commented on Which color do you like best?

"Thank you! I've decided to keep my color, picture 4# but let it fade to number 5 !"
lizzidynamite wants your vote.

Which color do you like best?
I've had all of these colors but cannot decide which one looks best.
lizzidynamite replied to Would my hair look nice short?

"You should get a cute layered pixie cut, Short hair makes you so much more confident."
lizzidynamite replied to Any makeup advice for crossdresser?

"Try to soften features with pinks and nude shades, anything too drastic may look strange, and most importantly, confidence :)"
lizzidynamite asked a question.

What is the best at home highlighting…
I currently have dark blonde/ light brown hair and I'd like to lighten it up with highlights. I'm skilled at dying my hair but I…
lizzidynamite replied to Should I dye my hair blonde before…

"Only go blonde first if your hair is in good condition, go salon blonde though so its not as damaged."
lizzidynamite replied to i like to play with my hair so when i…

"Start blow drying your hair straight with straightening serums and then go over it with a flat iron. In addition make sure to straighten small…
lizzidynamite replied to Whats the best acne treatment

"I get mild acne on my forehead and chin but its usually controlled by apricot face scrub and facial lotion in the morning and evening."
lizzidynamite replied to Dry skin and pimples

"Use facial lotion in the morning and the evening and just use a gentle scrub in the morning when you wake up."
lizzidynamite replied to Hair Color Advice

"There's no doubt you could pull it off but if you're looking for something drastic I think you'd be lovely with red hair."
lizzidynamite replied to What kind of shampoo/hair products are…

"Aussie shampoo! I had this problem when I had really long hair. Dove also dries out your hair while leaving it soft."
lizzidynamite wants your vote.

What hair color do you like best on me?
I cut my hair in August and have had red hair since. I had blonde hair when my hair was longer. Please vote on a colour. I'm debating dying my…
lizzidynamite replied to should I cut my hair?

"Possibly just get a few inches off and get layers in the front."
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