Hope everyone is having a beautiful 2012 so far!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Hazel eyes, combination fair skin, golden brown medium (shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
A makeup-loving mom with a knack for finding beauty deals. I love a good beauty buy that 1) I get for cheap and 2) proves to be an amazing product.

The Corner

fawnfawn3 has posted on lipstickislove 's corner

"thanks for the luv of my makeover"
ghous has posted on lipstickislove 's corner

"oh Thank you so much .....I'm very glad that you like my makeover......I want to be appreciated by you in future as well :)"
tuncjasna has posted on lipstickislove 's corner

"thank you :)"
Barb120709 has posted on lipstickislove 's corner

"thank you so very much!! x"
lipstickislove commented on Summer in the Tropics

"I think the bright colors are so fun. That way you can act like you're on vacation even if you're not on one. :)"
lipstickislove commented on Julianne Hough Makeup and Hair

"She is such a beautiful girl. I'd love if my makeup looked like her. ;)"
lipstickislove commented on WoW Girl

"Nice job! Very pretty! :)"
lipstickislove commented on doloressa's Makeover

"Really beautiful!"
lipstickislove commented on Noomi Rapace Makeup and Hair

"I like the lip color. Looks like she has really healthy skin."
lipstickislove commented on Would you wear the side boob trend?

"Oh my goodness, I don't think so! She's a pretty lady but a little more coverage. :)"
lipstickislove commented on How to Walk in Heels

"It took me awhile to get used to heels and even now I don't wear them too often, but these are some great tips."
lipstickislove commented on Twice A Week Miracle Hair Shampoo by…

"I usually wash every other day, but only twice a week is really great."
lipstickislove commented on Nina Dobrev Makeover !

"I like the changes you made. The lighter color is great for summer. :)"
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