woooooo im 16 check out my article called "my makeup" please.
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, normal medium to tan skin, darkest brown medium (shoulder) wavy hair

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princess of pink
hope u like it
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"woooooo im 16 check out my article called "my makeup" please."
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"still loved it though. please return the favour."
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my makeup
i am not a make up fan at all! A lipgloss is all i need. But i thought it would be cool to share what make up i use and why! Firstly i dont uses masses of…
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"woooooo im 16"
  1. @manga-depressedgirl


  2. @zahra234

    Aww fathima you not tell me it was your birthday!

  3. @msmmmore

    Happy Birthday!!

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"the 7th pic is really heart breaking! my jaw dropped at that one image!"
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"too fake! cheeks tooo pink, but it suits her"
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"looks like a different person"
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"omg love the eye shadow! looks sparkley"
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"she looks like shes just been swimming lol"
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