i'm offically leaving now cuz taaz is wasting my time!! bye thanx for everything and try to behave while i'm gone!! heehee
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, normal medium to tan skin, darkest brown medium (shoulder) wavy hair

Mini Bio:
well my name is ... MARILYN ANGILINA JOSEPH BARBERA KATHERINE TABITHA JONE!!!!!!! i have 18 pet hamsters here r their names
*donald ( named after my next door nieghbour)
*bobby alexander fuzzy steve or BAFS for short
*suarez (he a biter)

i love rainbow drops and jelly fish flavoured ice cream, i am completely 100% sane and my life as a russain spy ended in the cold war when i fell off a diving board and fell asleep, i can't remeber the last time i had a bath but i do remeber the night i acidentally ate my 19th hamster mario! it made me sooooo depressed!!!
please follow me, otherwise i will be lonely for the rest of my life and i have no friends or family except for a sister who lives in LA, Bel air she lives with uncle phil, aunt vivian,calton, ashliegh, hillary and nicky! her name is #NEWHIT I also have a friend from zimbabwe called #ZAHRA234 please follow these people otherwise they will kill me!! i am going to leave it there only because i am currently losing my voice and fighting a horses ass!

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lipglossmagicgirl 's new status :

"i'm offically leaving now cuz taaz is wasting my time!! bye thanx for everything and try to behave while i'm gone!! heehee"
  1. @newhit

    thank goodness :P

  2. @zahra234

    Lol ;-) miss u faffy x

newhit has posted on lipglossmagicgirl 's corner

"ur an amazing sisterr ......................................................................................................??%$^£^"
lipglossmagicgirl commented on iggy-azalea

"omg for a sec then i actually thought iggy dyed her hair! :P"
lipglossmagicgirl 's new status :

"thinking of leaving taaz??"
  1. @zahra234

    WHAT WHY???

  2. @genevieve77777

    Don't leave ;-;

  3. @lipglossmagicgirl

    i get bored easily and taaz isn't interesting anymore! sorry, might leave on 3rd!!!

  4. @zahra234

    nooooo yeh me too

lipglossmagicgirl 's new status :

lipglossmagicgirl 's new status :

"hay hay hay"
  1. @genevieve77777


lipglossmagicgirl commented on Goddess Makeover

"defo amazing!! love it. wicked sick in a gud way"
lipglossmagicgirl commented on .............

"woah!! u gave her life!!"
lipglossmagicgirl commented on Rapunzel ^-^

"hahahaha i love rapunzel!! my fave princess, after ariel and belle.hehe"
lipglossmagicgirl commented on op

"she looks a hell lot like awsome auzzie danni minogue, hehe"
lipglossmagicgirl commented on 1960s

"vintage!! sleek"
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