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lins888888 replied to Curly Vs Straight hair???

"I'd day it depends on the day, occasion, and/or your mood! I would love to wear some nice curls but I rarely can get them."
lins888888 replied to What is the best solution for dark…

"haemorrhoid ointment so I hear. Or maybe that's for wrinkles. Try a cold compress, and gentle massaging with your fingers around the eye…
lins888888 replied to What will make my hair grow fast?

"Silica supplements which can be found in most vitamin/nutrition stores. "
lins888888 replied to Diet plans that work?

"My best advise: stop worrying about fat and calories. Eat nutritiously, do physical exercise that you enjoy, and take care of your body. If…
lins888888 replied to What should I do if I really don't…

"Sometimes you have to hurt other peoples feelings in your own best interest. It sounds selfish, yeah, but that isn't really a situation…
lins888888 replied to what is the best primer, foundation,…

"Almay has products for sensitive skin, and I find their products aren't too expensive and are great quality at the same time."
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