Starting the day in a beautiful way…
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, medium to tan skin, mohagany long (past shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
Hi people :) I'm Mirna,a teenage girl from Belgrade,capital city of Serbia.I'm a big lover of fashion,Lana Del Rey,AC-DC,GN'R and etc.If you want to know more about me or ask me something feel free to message me :) My Polyvore : http://lanadelreyobssesed.polyvore.com/ . xoxo Mirna <3

The Corner

lanadelreyobsessed replied to Change of style?

"Yes,you should change it but be careful,it may look a little bit to young."
lanadelreyobsessed replied to Should I go back to red hair??

"Definitely,ginger looks so elegant and atractive on you,I adore it!"
lanadelreyobsessed commented on Thanks for helping me decide! Here are…

"I really like 2nd look but I'm afraid @RubyDenise is right an 'cause of that I chose third look."
lanadelreyobsessed commented on pick for me?

"I think the first is perfect choice for you,it fits almost everyone and it's great dress after all.:)"
lanadelreyobsessed asked a question.

Which make up should I use?
Hey guys!Okay,I realised that it's time to put some make up on and I need help in my choice.What do you think,which make up would go best for…
lanadelreyobsessed replied to would i look good in dark red hair?

"I think black our dark brown will do better but on the other side,yeah dark red would go pretty on you.Here are some examples of red and black:"
sanjanakundaliya has posted on lanadelreyobsessed 's corner

"hello Mirna:) I'm Sanjana and I need some help. Do you know any way of loosing weight quickly?"
lanadelreyobsessed replied to What is my skin tone?

"You have medium tan.It's natural to blush,relax."
lanadelreyobsessed replied to What do you think i should do with my hair

"Well,I like how long hair suits you and short hairstyle won't be the best solution because of your face shape.Layered hairstyle will…
lanadelreyobsessed replied to What kind of hairstyle should i get?

"I think long bob hairstyle will look great on you.You can go with or without bangs,it doesn't matter. xoxo M <3"
lanadelreyobsessed asked a question.

I'm having a huge…
Okay,so my friend is throwing a huge party on the roof and everyone is going to be attending.Dress code is swimwear (already bought it,picture…
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