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BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, medium to tan skin, golden brown long (past shoulder) very curly hair

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kylalala asked a question.

Any suggestions for a good curling iron?
Does anybody know of a good curling iron? I've never bought one before, but my hair is naturally curly so I need one that's of decent…
kylalala commented on long evening dresses 2013:-)

"I chose the middle one :)"
kylalala commented on Whcih of these wedding dresses are best?

"Wow they're all gorgeous! I love the fifth one though :)"
kylalala commented on Quick! Pick your favorite animal…

"@Depressed-Girl haha it's actually a polar bear! I meant to comment earlier on that because it's pretty hard to tell what it is.."
kylalala commented on Quick! Pick your favorite animal…

"Sorry guys, I noticed it's hard to tell what's on the second to last one. There is a parrot on each arm haha :)"
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Quick! Pick your favorite animal…
Animal intarsia sweaters are an adorable trend this season, so quick! Pick your favorite!
kylalala commented on Give Thanks with TAAZ

"This year, I'm thankful for all of my comfy sweaters that will keep me warm and stylish this winter! "
kylalala replied to What do you think of this dress?

"I love the colors!! It looks like a perfect dress for a wedding or your formal :)"
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What's your favorite prom dress…
What's your favorite dress silhouette?! I picked all blue dresses so it would be easier to focus on the style of the dress rather than the…
kylalala commented on I narrowed down my dress choices to…

"You know what's funny? The second one's the cheapest..."
kylalala commented on I narrowed down my dress choices to…

"and http://www.simplydresses.com/shop/viewitem-PD704610"
kylalala commented on I narrowed down my dress choices to…

"I love that color blue, too! Here are some more of that color dress: http://www.simplydresses.com/shop/viewitem-PD949744"
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I narrowed down my dress choices to…
I recently posted a question asking what color dresses would look best with my golden-brown hair, and I got many great responses! I found three…
MeigaFlor has posted on kylalala 's corner

"Hey check my article out : http://www.taaz.com/trends/offtopic/lunar-calender-2013/ABI1sIX8Feq1xxXD0eNeNPUfFIvuut3t.html"
kylalala asked a question.

What's a good color dress for…
I recently changed my hair color to golden-brown, but I noticed some colors don't look as good on me as they did before... I'll be…
kylalala commented on Which heels is the best ??

"I was torn between the first and the fourth haha :)"
kylalala asked a question.

Any way I can make my hair lighter?
I recently dyed my hair golden brown, hoping that it would get somewhat lighter but not dramatically.. unfortunately, you can't even…
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